Experience the Gene Keys

Journey into the depth of the Transmission with videos created by OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew+Dios. Using Moving Mandalas, Music, and Transmissions from beings cultivating a deep relationship with the Living Stream of Wisdom hidden within the Code of the Gene Keys Synthesis. Includes recordings from live events by OneDoorLand


Gene Key of the Day

Join Amma Li each week as we explore the connection between the Gene Keys and our everyday life. Amma Li brings her authenticity and genius insights using Astrology, Embodiment, Personal Stories, and interviewing other incredible beings to share their own unique reflection on the Gene Keys.

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Oracle Transmissions by Elijah

Experience the Oracle Transmissions of Elijah as we dive together into the stream of Living Wisdom. Elijah dedicates living his life as a walking prayer, utilizing the archetypal acupuncture of the Gene Keys to discover the subtleties of the shadow, the inspiring Gift hidden in every challenge, and the vast miracles of grace eternally nourishing us whether we know it or not. These videos include recordings of full length workshops by Elijah, offered free as a gift to the community.

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Life As Art

Combining dance, music, painting, storytelling, the OneDoorLand Community and Synergenius Chefs utilize the alchemy of art as an active, creative, expressive pathway to contemplate the Gene Keys. We hope these videos inspire insights, enthusiasm, and permission for everyone to be the Creative Rebel they were born to be, turning our suffering into our genius, and expressing more beauty and love in everything we do.

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Recent Uploads

Partner Venus Contemplation (Attractor)

This is a special episode of the Elemental IChing with Elijah Parker, showcasing a unique video made specially for a patron. This episode looks at the “Attraction sphere” in the Golden Path venus sequence for a relationship.

“I hope this video offers new insights and impactful contemplations for your continued growth individually and collectively. You can get your own unique elemental profiles videos by signing up as a Patron for the $25 or $50 level.”-Elijah

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The Elemental I Ching

Exploring the Elemental Essence of the Gene Keys through videos transmission and music. Join Elijah for a practice in creative contemplation with the Gene Keys through music, storytelling, and weekly video transmissions. Together let’s drink in the elemental essence of each Key, and dance with the tao.

“Thank you so much to my global community for all of your support! Your donations help feed the dream so that I may continue to offer my time and energy to videos, music, and sessions sharing this enchanting and profoundly impactful transmission. To give back to my patrons, I will be creating exclusive content, including video transmissions on your unique Gene Keys profile! I also offer private one-on-one sessions to deepen the practice into your own life. So if you feel called by the wisdom of the tao, become a patron to subscribe to these weekly videos, brew a cup of sacred tea, and drink in the elemental essence of the Gene Keys with me.” – Support & Subscribe – Become a Patron for Exclusive Content


Lover’s Leap

These are songs of beauty, of Grief as Praise, of great offerings to the Beloved
The Beloved inside every cell
The Beloveds we have lost
The Beloveds we dance with still
The Beloveds we have not yet discovered
The Beloved is always here
If we have the courage to leap

Instrumental Handpan, Guitar, and Bansuri Flute Album and Videos


Healing Handpan Journey

Witness the Healing Handpan Journey of Elijah Parker. These videos take you on a quest, to acquire the holy grail of instruments, cultivate and transform through the power of music, and offer this medicine back to the world. Elijah successfully raised enough funds to purchase his first Halo Handpan, thanks to the incredible donations from the Gene Keys Community. Elijah took his newfound instrument on a pilgrimage to the Pacific Northwest, to assist at the Seven Sacred Seals event and offer beloved Binah Zing’s ashes to the ocean where she both entered and left this world.
“The healing that emanates from these magical instruments was pivotal in the healing and alchemical rebirth for me, and I hope that these melodies soothe your soul and ignite your gratitude for this incredible gift of our life.”-Elijah


Fire Monkey of Mastery

Gene Keys of the Day – Special Update

2016 – The Year of the Fire Monkey of Mastery

Video by Elijah & Amma Li – https://onedoorland.com

The Idealistic Metal Rabbit charged forth into the portal of the Water Dragon of Purity, who obliterated the old world and left us to alchemize with the Empathetic Water Snake and all of our emotional turbulence in this new realm. The Bounteous Wood Horse sprang forth with new life energy, followed by the restraint and deeper listening of the Florescent Wood Sheep, listening to the emergence of a new song. This wave is cresting and the Fire Monkey of Mastery is here to shine forth, proclaiming with joyous abandon the Time is Now! Next year the Omniscient Rooster of Fire, also secretly the Omniscient Phoenix in some interpretations of the Red Bird, will reveal the pattern in its unfolding….