Artwork “Open Your Heart and Fly Right In” by Eric Nez

The Venus Stream Virtual Retreat

 Replay from our 2016 Live Virtual Retreat

OneDoorLand invites you to enter into the living current of the Venus Sequence, a safe space to explore and heal the core wounds and victim patterns of our relationships and begin to fully open our hearts to life.

In 2016, over 250 participants from all over the world joined together in a 9-Month long  community deep dive into the Venus Stream. The Replays of all of our live transmissions and additional resources are now available for anyone to take the journey in their own group, whether locally or online. Consider creating your own commitment to a 9 month time period, to walk through this journey step by step, as a companion course to Part 2 of the Golden Path by Richard Rudd.

Please note the Venus Sequence hosted by is a separate required purchase, these materials are supplemental aids to deepen your voyager into the core material. We do not distribute any of the Golden Path material, and contribute a percentage of every purchase back to Gene Keys Publishing in gratitude for the incredible work by Richard Rudd. 


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Welcome to the Virtual Retreat

This is the introduction video for all retreat participants. It provides the structure for the virtual retreat, as we gather together across the globe to participate in the magic, love, and grace of the Venus Stream. This retreat is no longer active live, however all Webinar Replays and Additional Resources are still available for your continued exploration. Consider joining a small group of other voyagers, create your own 9 month container, and walk through the process step by step.

Opening Webinar Replay

Our opening webinar “Aligning to the Current” aired on 4/9/16 and is available for everyone to view and explore. Each chapter includes a replay of our live webinar and additional resources include music, invitations for creative contemplation, and additional videos on the 6 lines of each sphere. This course is a rich library of Venus Sequence based resources, and a great companion course for anyone exploring the Golden Path.


The Venus Stream Course Pages

Explore each Chapter below for Webinars, Music, and Additional Resources

Begin with the first chapter “Introduction – Entering the Stream” and continue in sequence through each Chapter.

Introduction – Entering the Stream

Begin here with your journey through The Venus Stream.

This chapter includes an important introductory video, setting the stage for the entire journey. We have assembled a variety of introductory resources and invitations to help prepare for the Virtual Retreat.