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The Gene Keys Synthesis Deck

This 72 card deck is a powerful tool for exploring the Gene Keys Transmission. The companion booklet, written by Elijah Parker with excerpts by Richard Rudd, provides a useful introduction to the Synthesis Deck, including various ways to use the Hex Cards in personal and collective contemplation. Unlike other oracle decks, this set of archetypal cards does not provide an interpretation but rather a set of tools for each person to discover their own connection to the Gene Keys.

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The Pearl Sequence 4 Month Virtual Retreat

Registration now Open – Virtual Retreat begins October 22

A 4 Month Communal Journey into the Pearl Sequence. Join with people from around the globe for 5 Live Webinars and 5 Breakout Group Community calls, as we dive deeper into the currents of this Transmission of Living Wisdom. This webinar series is designed to accompany The Golden Path Part 3, and encourages in person and online group contemplation to amplify the energy of the inner alchemical journey of the Golden Path.

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The Gene Keys Calendar (2017)

The Gene Key of the Day Calendar is a tool to connect more deeply with the Living Wisdom of the Gene Keys transmission in our Everyday life. This calendar tracks the position of the sun as it moves through the Zodiacal I Ching, activating a particular Gene Key every 5 to 6 days. Featuring original paintings by Transmission Artist Eric Nez.

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Treading The Golden Path

Self Study-Course on

The Products and Virtual Retreats on this Website are Companion Resources for the Gene Keys Golden Path Program. Please consider purchasing through our Affiliate Link. The commissions we earn from sales continue to nourish our creative offerings to the community. The Shop provides the Self-Study Course for exploring the Gene Keys, with literature and media from Richard Rudd, founder of the Gene Keys.

In-Person Retreat – Santa Cruz, California

Weekend Gene Keys Retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains (Scotts Valley, CA ~ October 27-29

Registration Opens mid August

Join the OneDoorLand team for an in-person Gene Keys Retreat in the Magical Redwoods, October 27-29. We will gather at a beautiful private estate in the Santa Cruz Mountains and deepen into the Gene Keys Transmission together. During this retreat you will have an opportunity to explore your Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile in an experiential way. We will journey together for the entire weekend, creating a safe container for authentic sharing and deep transformation. Includes Sacred Tea, Embodied Practices, Shared Meals, Elegant on-site accomodation, and live music by Entheo.

Gene Keys Inspired Crystal Malas, Bracelets, and Dragonfly Bookmarks

By Karen Grace of CASA

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