Seven Sacred Seals Tea Set


Special Set Designed as a Companion Tool for the Seven Sacred Seals

Tea is divine medicine, it has the capacity to bring us into deep presence, heal us physically, emotionally, and mentally as it harmonizes us with self, other and all of creation. It has the capacity to carry the signature of the sun, moon, and stars as well as mountains, valleys, and bodies of water.

This tea set has been put together with teas that embody the energetic signatures of each of the Seven Sacred Seals so that  you can have a visceral experience of these energies in your cellular body and Being. Please look at these teas as guides that can lead you into deep connection, contemplation and relation to each of these profound energies.


One of the highest plant medicines of traditional tea is that it connects you to both your humanity and your divinity in your physical body. It is the perfect vehicle or portal for diving into the potent, lush, revealing waters of the 7 Sacred Seals – a transmission that is, at its roots, about accepting and integrating both the human and divine aspects of ourselves.


This Set includes 7 Tins of Rare Tea, Glass Tea Pot and Pitcher, Cups, and Teachings on the use and brewing of each Tea

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About these teas:
The rare teas and herbs collected in this tea set are from sacred mountains and valleys and have amazing flavor and aroma profiles: earth, wood, dried fruits wild flowers, moss, rain, bark, and other flavors which it is hard to find language for. They are evocative, stirring up deep memories of places seen and unseen. They are from sacred mountains, hidden valleys, wild places, from bio-diverse landscapes filled with flowers, herbs, trees, fungi- all of which add to the special power of these teas. It is often like drinking a whole landscape and all of nature contained in it. Each tea has a specific energy or “chi” which affects the channels and chakras in the body- opening, cleansing, harmonizing, balancing, transcending. This set and special mixes have been curated by Tea Monk Po after years of study, exploration, and personal cultivation with Sacred Tea.


How to Use this Tea Set:

This set is meant to be a pathway to contemplation and digestion of the each of the Seven Sacred Seals, as well as an embodied way to connect to the transmission of each divine vibrational stream. Set a time and space to really relax into a meditation with each tea. Make a pot of tea, drink a few cups- sit with it, feel it, listen to it and simply be with it for a little while. Then read, listen, or contemplate the matching seal – consider playing the Invocation or Instrumental track of that particular Seven Seal while you explore the energy of the tea and your connection to each enlightened ray of grace. This is a simple but profound practice which will open up many doors within the self. Let the tea breathe you, notice how your body and spirit changes with each cup. With each breathe, soften and relax your presence deeper into the moment. Blessings on your journey with the Seven Sacred Teas.


For more information on Tea as Divine Medicine contact Po at Heavens Tea.

For more information on the Gene keys in relation to Sacred Tea please contact Elijah Parker of Onedoorland

Each tea set comes with 7 Cans of Rare Tea, Glass Teapot and Pitcher, Cups, Instructions for Brewing, and Energetic Descriptions of each Tea.

International shipping costs an extra $20 due to the size and weight of the package. We will continue to offer different opportunities for tea purchases in the future.

Currently out of stock ~ Stay tuned for more information. Or contact for contemplation teas. 

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