Seven Seals Talisman


Seven Sacred Seals – Copper Talisman

By Lee Drake Designs

Richard Rudd designed this Mandala as a tool for those working with the Seven Sacred Seals. In honor of his original vision, OneDoorLand commissioned for the first of these mandalas to be etched into copper. Lee Drake Designs is dedicated to mindful magical practice with his alchemical jewelry.

“These were truly an honor to make. It was really amazing to feel the power of grace throughout the entire process, embedded within this symbol and its transmission into the copper plates. It was such a special experience.”-Lee Drake

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Please note each of these medallions are hand crafted through a long and delicate process of chemical etching. There may be small differences, defects, or blemishes in the chemical etching. For questions please contact us. 

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For Use in Conjunction with the Seven Sacred Seals Online Course

Why Copper?

Copper is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. It has been used for centuries in both ancient and modern technology, in the transmission of energy and information. In many esoteric mysteries, Copper contains the alchemical essence of the Divine Feminine, harmonizing opposites into their natural Grace and Equilibrium.

About Lee Drake Design

“My intention in my art is to serve the awaking movement by creating wearable art that aids in helping us connect and remember who we really are. I strive to create an art that holds an energy through the use of healing gems, metals and stones. I use designs that incorporate sacred geometry and sacred symbols that, I believe, our DNA recognizes. I also use original designs that can act has inner helpers or reminders to our purpose and connection to spirit/life.” – Lee Drake Design

Featured in the Seven Seals Tea Table

This incredible Copper Talisman was the inspiration for Elijah Parker’s alchemical tea table. Created by Josiah Akoya  this beautiful table heralds woodburned sigils for each of the Arch Angels and filled with celestial crystals (quartz, selenite, danubrite, apophyllite, and magnetized hematite in the legs). It has been an honor to use this tea table and the magical copper talisman in Sacred Tea Ceremony opening to the profound love of Grace. For more information on Sacred Tea Ceremony visit


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