GK of the Day Board Game


Inspired by community-building and introspective games like “The Transformation Game” and “eXperience the Game”, OneDoorLand presents a new playful way to contemplate the Gene Keys and Decode the Synthesis of the Zodiacal I Ching. With this setup you can explore the Gene Keys through the astrological zodiac, using the game tokens to track planetary transits or relationship synastry charts revealing the synthesis between western astrology, the elemental I Ching, and the Gene Keys Transmission. You can also play a game with your community or local study group, moving around the wheel collecting archetypal insights through real-life inquiry and creative contemplations.


Gene Key of the Day Board Game (Includes game board, deck of contemplation game cards, 3 astrological dice, 3 I Ching coins, 36 planetary/astrology tokens, additional charts, hourglass timer, and rules booklet)

$70 + shipping

Due to the expensive nature of product creation, we have to charge a higher price point for this item. Over time we hope to be able to lower the price to print and distribute these games. We appreciate your understanding as our small family-run business continues to grow. 



This product created by Gene Keys OneDoorLand. All of our products are in a publishing agreement with Richard Rudd & Gene Keys Publishing. We give back %10 from every sale of a Gene Keys related product or course. Visit GeneKeys.com for more information.

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Domestic (US) $10, International $20


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