Dragonfly Bookmarks


Handmade prayerful Dragonfly Bookmarks by Karen Grace of Clarity Academy for Spiritual Arts.

Options – Dragonfly, Ohm, Hand, Lotus

Please note that every creation is unique, and may contain small variations from the pictures

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Feeling the presence and power of Richard Rudd’s “Gene Keys” and being on the journey of “The Golden Path” has inspired me to create my “Life As Art” contribution of these unique Gene Key Mala’s and Navaratna Bracelets. 

I am known by many in our community as Divine Mother because of my deep love for meditative grace and my compassion for all life.  My creations began when I was invited to make the Vedic Kriya Mala’s for many of the disciples, yogi’s, and kriyabans at Ananda in Nevada City many years ago.

Since then, my relationship to myself and others has deepened through the authentic journey of Gene Keys.  As I allow my creative genius to play with these beautiful spheres of color and light as beads, I pour my prayers into each one I make, while reflecting on the corresponding Gene Keys and listen to the inspirational music of Entheo. I feel the flow and infusion of grace within each unique creation. There are endless possibilities for contemplation, connection and guidance.   

The frequency of each creation corresponds with the integration of vedic astrology, planets, gemstones, and Gene Keys.  By simply rolling each bead in our hand and contemplating a question or thought, we can access the portal through our solar plexus, to reveal hidden insights, shadows, and delightful surprises!

Each mala comes with a dragonfly to represent change, and a key to represent unlocking the code within you.  Each bracelet comes with a yin/yang symbol or charm.  Other semi-precious gemstones are available and special orders are always welcomed!

You can also add Elijah’s & Richard’s “The Synthesis Deck” or Rosy Aronson’s “Wisdom Keepers” inner guide book along with reading the corresponding Gene Key while contemplating and infusing these treasures with your unique vibration and frequency.

For more information, or to place an order, please contact me:

In Joy,

Karen Grace Clarity


(530) 306-2740

PS. A percentage of every sale goes to the Gene Key Society.

My website is in creation and should be live later this month!

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Dragonfly Bookmark $12, Butterfly Bookmark $12, Hand Bookmark $12, Lotus Bookmark $12, Deluxe Crystal Bookmark $15, Deluxe Angel Bookmark $15


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