The Gene Keys can be described as many things: a book, a growing set of teachings, an archetypal language, a profiling system, an evolutionary current awakening all around the globe. People everywhere are tuning in to the simple and profound truth described by the Gene Keys. In our own unique ways, we as individuals are discovering fundamental patterns connecting our struggles, challenges, insights, breakthroughs, and evolutionary current with a collective field of transformation stretching across our planet. The Gene Keys has become a tool and language to communicate with oneself and with others about personal and collective transformation. It is a profound system of self-illumination, offering each individual their own opportunity to discover deep insights, while opening us to greater amounts of connection and coherence within our relationships.

The Gene Keys Transmission is a living wisdom – the Boundless Illumination of Timeless Truth. It is a Synthesis of eons of sacred teachings, bridging eastern and western alchemy, stretching through time all the way to our current scientific explorations of life, physics, and epigenetics. As the heart of a new universal Synthesis, the Gene Keys is an expanding holographic language whose primary intention is to awaken your highest purpose in life. They are founded upon the premise that your higher purpose exists as a code embedded within your physical DNA, and that the role of the Gene Keys is to unlock and activate that code and catalyze the release of your full creative genius into the world.

While the Gene Keys, in its fractal nature, can appear extremely complex, the heart of the Transmission is simplicity. The Gene Keys is about responding to life’s challenges in a balanced, loving, integral, creative way to discover the Gift hidden in every Shadow. Each of the  64 Gene Keys are archetypal acupuncture needles designed to identify and liberate stagnant patterns of our “victim consciousness” that hold us back physically, emotionally, or mentally from expressing our creative genius into the world. The Shadow State is a victim story or wound pattern that we enact every time we constrict, resist, react, or repress uncomfortable and challenging situations in our life. This fearful rejection of what has happened in our life holds us back from appreciating the incredible potential energy wanting to emerge. Our greatest challenges can become the most profound blessings as we Allow, Accept, and Embrace the present moment. 

The Gene Keys provides incredible tools for contemplating the Shadow, and offers insight into the hidden Gift – a higher frequency expression of that energy through service and creativity. Instead of “Getting Rid of the Shadow”, we can choose to accept the energy and discover how to beneficially channel this intensity to create more harmony, beauty, and coherence in our personal life, relationships, and in the larger collective.

The Gene Keys also invites us to contemplate the Siddhi: the Enlightened Essence of each Gene Key. In a way these Siddhis represent the enlightened super powers of the universe, as well as the implications of global mutation for our society and species. While we may not yet experience the full flowering of this enlightened state, by contemplating the divine essence hidden in both the shadow and gift, we hold space for the possibilities of greater amounts of love, magic, and miracles in our daily life.

“​The Gene Keys are not an easy quick-fix system that tell you what to do.

They are a deep mythic tapestry of insight​ that put the full responsibility of awakening back onto you where it belongs.​”

– Richard Rudd, Founder of the Gene Keys

Exploring the Gene Keys

There are many ways to explore the Gene Keys, but we recommend starting with the basics.

The Map: The Gene Keys Book provides you with an explanation of all 64 Gene Keys, including their Shadow Gift and Siddhi. These chapters can be read in any order, from beginning to end or flip to a random chapter. The book itself is a Tome of Wisdom, and continues to inform you every time you re-read a chapter.


The Compass: The Hologenetic Profile is a readout of your unique Gene Keys, providing you with 11 keys that are more prominently alive in your life. Similar to Astrology, it is a profile based on your birth time and place. It is your compass in navigating through the Gene Keys. It is a helpful ally in contemplating your own Mythical Journey, to identify challenges and activate your highest potential.


The Journey: Treading the Golden Path is a Self-Study course by Richard Rudd that walks you step by step through the Hologenetic Profile, describing each “Sphere, Pathway, and the 6 Lines”, to fully decode your personal profile. There are additional companion courses by the OneDoorLand team that supplement Treading the Golden Path with additional webinars and resources.