Living Wisdom – Entheo Gene Keys Music & Richard Rudd

Living Wisdom is an alchemical co-creation with Richard Rudd, Entheo Music, and OneDoorLand Synergenius Stewdios, expressing the Gene Keys through creative contemplation. Each track features an audio transmission from Richard Rudd, author and founder of the Gene Keys, accompanied by an original soundtrack by Entheo. Soak in the healing vibration of light and sound with Elijah’s moving mandalas, fractal landscapes, and immersive cymatics.

Turn up the speakers, or wear headphones. Turn off the lights, and set yourself in a comfortable position. Enjoy the experiential journey of “Living Wisdom Volume 1″

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Entheo Music also produced the music for The Epiphany Experience for Richard Rudd’s Portland Gene Keys Event. If you are interested in the entire course (including this audio album + 6 videos and handouts from the event) please purchase through our affiliate link to

The Seven Sacred Seals

Entheo and OneDoorLand composed, performed, and recorded 180 minutes of incredible music to accompany the powerful Invocations of the Seven Seals by Richard Rudd. These high quality recordings are now available on in the new online course “The Seven Sacred Seals”. The Invocation of the Seventh Seal is available for free.

Instrumental Meditation Album by Entheo

These glowing, radiant soundscapes illuminate the holy temple of the human heart, singing to the tender places of suffering and wounding, offering frequencies of Grace, Truth, Forgiveness, Epiphany, Love and Awareness, aligning us with Divine Will. These transmissions invite the necessary initiations and experiences into our life so we may integrate our wounding and embody our highest aspects.

Luminescence is seven extended musical journeys, directly linked to, and invoked by the teachings of the Seven Sacred Seals:

“The Seven Seals are an invocation and a prayer – for solace and softness, for clarity and truth and above all, for the power of Grace.”
– Richard Rudd

This music was originally created as music for the Seven Sacred Seals retreat on Cortes Island, BC, Canada and is now being offered here so listeners may deepen in these frequencies of Grace.


Theo Grace – Live on Cortes Island & Shambala Single

In the Summer of 2015, over 140 people from all over the world gathered on Cortes Island for the “Seven Sacred Seals” Gene Keys retreat with Richard Rudd and the OneDoorLand team. Together we wove music, invocations, and the magic of the Gene Keys into a profound experience of healing, inspiration, and transfiguration. We used the theme of Theo’s song Shambala throughout the retreat, which later was taken to the Venus Sequence Retreat in Romania as the “gene keys theme song”. We are blessed to offer the recently released Shambala single and a recording of Theo’s Live Performance on Cortes Island.

Many of these songs can be purchased at


Healing Handpan Journeys from OneDoorLand

This music is an expression of emergent creativity as a form of alchemical art and contemplation of the Gene Keys Golden Path. These recordings were all performed live and improvised in the moment. As a spiritual practice, the community members of OneDoorLand gather in song circle to experience the incredible presence radiating from improvisational music.

“Prime Gifts” was Elijah’s first album, sharing his personal journey of the Activation Sequence and his healing journey. Through the support of the Gene Keys community this album earned enough donations to fund the purchase of several handpan instruments for the OneDoorLand temple. “New Years Portal” became a living expression of the Venus Sequence, deepening the musical journey of healing for Elijah as an individual, OneDoorLand as a community, and a prayer for the entire human family.

“Music is a way to enter into the current of life, listening so deeply to the other musicians, you can lose the sense of separation. These pieces are expressions of the eternal flow of life, opening our hearts in our relationships by diving with devotion into the moment. By cultivating a consistent container for creating “flow state”, I continue to heal and rejuvenate body mind and soul. I hope these blessed tunes resonate with your journey through this incredible gift of Life.” – Elijah


Dream Me Open – Water Eye


Water Eye channels the divine imagination with the incredible potency of her voice and presence. She is an Improvphetical Oracle, able to weave intricate lyrics, live in the moment, to articulate the energy of the moment. Since moving to OneDoorLand, Water Eye has been incorporating her contemplation of the Gene Keys into her musical prayer.

By purchasing the album “Dream Me Open” you will also receive a free eBook showcasing the incredible Artwork of Eric Nez and the lyrics of each track.These songs and paintings were created simultaneously, informing one another across the room as each artist dipped into the stream of life as art. During this time, Eric completed his powerful transmission art piece for Gene Key 1 featured in the track “Let There be Light”

Included are video excerpts of Water Eye improvisational singing contemplating the Gene Keys.


Additional Contemplation Music we Recommend

Water & Light – Time Spirit

Live Looping Vocals and Instruments by Water Eye meets the cascading melodies of handpan by Elijah. Soundscapes and sonic journeys for the heart and soul, reflecting the Light of Truth upon the Waters of Love. This album was recorded live at OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew+Dios. These songs were originally written and performed for Muse Dance Event “Ecstatic Zeitgeist”, elemental soundscapes to Feed the Spirit of Time. Purchase the album here to support these artists


Seven Sacred Seals

Explore the Transmission of Grace, invoking the highest light of the celestial angelic realm to unwind the sacred wounds of the human story. OneDoorLand is grateful to have participated in the live retreat on Cortes Island May 2015 and now present hours of beautiful lectures, profound invocations with prayers by Richard Rudd and music by Entheo, and additional resources for the community to engage with this magical transmission. Explore the Seven Sacred Seals


Epiphany Instrumentals

These atmospheric Instrumentals are musical journeys designed to hold sonic space for any sort of focused, meditative activity, including reading writing, yoga, qi gong, breathing practices, or any creative work that would benefit and deepen from this music.

However you choose to listen, don’t forget to breathe, relax and feel the moment fully. Release any resistance and find your flow. May this music serve you well.

These soundtracks original aired as companion audio to the Epiphany Invocations with Richard Rudd.