Please note: these courses are no longer monitored. They are available for free for those who may benefit from the content. 

These Virtual Retreats were communal journeys through the Venus & Pearl Sequence of the Gene Keys Golden Path program. They are now available for replay, as a resource for you and your local group to engage with the material at your own pace. These programs contain webinars from the OneDoorLand Team (Amma Li & Theo Grace, Teresa Collins, & Elijah Parker) as well as music, art, and video resources to further your contemplations.

These courses are “Name Your Price”, all donations go to help us create new content and share our music & art with the world. 

Please note, the Golden Path program is required. These retreats are companion courses to the official Golden Path teachings on Please purchase the Golden Path Part 1, 2, & 3 before proceeding with these additional resources. 


9 Month Communal Journey
Replays of the 2016 Live Virtual Retreat

Includes 9 Webinar Replays and Additional Resources from our Team

Requires the Venus Sequence from

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Pearl of Prosperity

Replays of the 2017/18 Live Virtual Retreat

Includes Webinar Replays and Video Resources from OneDoorLand Team

Requires the Pearl Sequence from

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