Pearl Sequence Virtual Retreat (Replay Now Available)

4 Month Communal Journey of the Gene Keys Pearl Sequence 

Join the OneDoorLand team and our global Gene Keys community as we activate the power of Collective Contemplation. Over the course of 4-months we will enter into the living current of the Pearl Sequence and cocreate a safe and loving space to empower us as we discover our individual and collective prosperity blossoming naturally into the world.

Includes 5 Live Webinars, Monthly Community Calls & Additional Resources.

All webinars will be available for replay within 24 hours of the live event.

You can join at anytime along this 4 month journey.

Creative Contemplations

Tools and Resources Venus Stream Journal   Pick up a physical journal and begin to explore your contemplations through free form writing, drawing, poetry, coloring, diagrams, or an actual diary of your experiences as you walk the Golden Path. It is also a helpful practice to write down your Dreams each morning. Our subconscious is…

Releasing Your Radiance – California March 25-27

Join us for a weekend experience, diving into the transformational power, love, and wisdom of the Gene Keys Transmission. The theme of this journey is Releasing Your Radiance and Cultivating Core Stability, tools and techniques to apply the infinite wisdom of the Gene Keys into the heart of your everyday life. Whether you are brand new to the Gene Keys, or a long time voyager and student, this two day deep dive is an opportunity for deep insight and transformation.

San Rafael, California – Open Secret Bookstore
Intro Evening – Friday March 25 ($10-20 donation)
2 Day Experience – March 26 – 27 ($150)

2 Day Venus Retreat – Portland OR

Join us at OneDoorLand Alchemical Art Sanctuary for a 2 Day Deep Dive into the Venus Stream. The Gene Keys Venus Sequence is a powerful way to unwind our deepest wounds and victim patterns in our relationships, to experience greater amounts of Love, Inspiration, Harmony, and Grace.
Sacred Tea Ceremony – Music – Transmissions by Elijah.
Portland OR – February 27 and 28
$222 – Limited 22 Participants – Food & Tea Included