Epiphany Instrumentals

These atmospheric Instrumentals are musical journeys designed to hold sonic space for any sort of focused, meditative activity, including reading writing, yoga, qi gong, breathing practices, or any creative work that would benefit and deepen from this music.

However you choose to listen, don’t forget to breathe, relax and feel the moment fully. Release any resistance and find your flow. May this music serve you well.

These soundtracks original aired as companion audio to the Epiphany Invocations with Richard Rudd.

Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat

9 Month Communal Journey of the Gene Keys Venus Sequence – Begins March 23 2016

Join us World-Wide as we activate the power of Collective Contemplation. Over the course of 9-months we will enter into the living current of the Venus Sequence and cocreate a safe and loving space to hold us as we explore and heal our core wounds and begin to fully open our hearts to life.

Includes 9 Live Webinars, Bi-Monthly Community Calls & Additional Resources.
All webinars will be available for download and replay.

Retreat Cost: Name Your Price
Suggested Range for the entire 9-month journey – $90-$222
Give and You Shall Receive!

Prayer of the Spheres

Return of the Bird Tribes
Musical Collaboration by Elijah Ray, Entheo, and Elijah of OneDoorLand
Soundtrack available – Return of the Bird Tribes (birdtribes.bandcamp.com)
Featuring Theo (entheois.bandcamp.com), Elijah Ray (elijahandthebandoflight.bandcamp.com/), and Elijah of OneDoorLand (onedoorland.bandcamp.com)
Moving Mandalas by Elijah of OneDoorLand (onedoorland.com)

Living Wisdom – Richard Rudd & Entheo

Musical Contemplations of the Gene Keys
Living Wisdom is an alchemical co-creation with Richard Rudd, Entheo Music, and OneDoorLand Synergenius Stewdios, expressing the Gene Keys through creative contemplation. Each track features an audio transmission from Richard Rudd, author and founder of the Gene Keys and original soundtrack by Entheo. Soak in the healing vibration of light and sound with Elijah’s moving mandalas, fractal landscapes, and immersive cymatics.
Turn up the speakers, or wear headphones. Turn off the lights, and set yourself in a comfortable position. Enjoy the experiential journey of “Living Wisdom Volume 1″

Wisdom Keepers – Rosy Aronson

64 Faces by Rosy Aronson
Oracle Deck & Companion Book
Purchase the Deck – http://www.wisdomkeepers.net/
Created by Rosy Aronson – http://www.rosyaronson.com/
The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck is an empowering tool of self-acceptance and understanding, a playful way to embrace our shadows with love and uncover the gifts that only we can bring to the world. ​These faces are embodied keepers of love and wisdom; they and their stories offer direct, heartfelt ways to work with the emotions, fears and challenges we all face. The Wisdom Keepers believe in us. They see our beauty, power and potential.

Fractal Philosophy

Fractal Philosophy Mandala Deck Created by Elijah Parker Includes 20 Printed Oracle Cards and Digital Download Pack (Images + eBook) Aligning you from Cell to Self to Source, this 20 card Mandala Oracle Card deck is a journey through the 7 Chakras, the 7 Processes of Alchemy, and the Cyclical Nature of Life. Included in this…