DNA Key Pendants

A shining beacon of beauty and truth, this DNA key pendant symbolizes the unlocking of your true nature. It serves as a radiant reminder to you and all you encounter to live in harmony with your divine essence.

It’s a Gene Key! Wear this pendant and you may spark some inspiring conversations out in the world. Available in silver and brass.

Water & Light – Time Spirit

Live Looping Vocals and Instruments by Water Eye meets the cascading melodies of handpan by Elijah. Soundscapes and sonic journeys for the heart and soul, reflecting the Light of Truth upon the Waters of Love. This album was recorded live at OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew+Dios. These songs were originally written and performed for Muse Dance Event “Ecstatic Zeitgeist”, elemental soundscapes to Feed the Spirit of Time. Purchase the album here to support these artists